EN 9100, EN 9110, EN 9210 Certification Marks

EN 9100, EN 9110, & EN 9120 Certification Marks

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Certification: ts-en-9100-en-example

Management system certification / Voluntary assessment

Basis for Certification (certification standard):

International standards EN/AS9100, EN/AS9110, EN/AS9120
(quality management system requirements)

Standard owner:

ASD-STAN/Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe - Standardization, IAQG - International Aerospace Quality Group

What do the EN/AS9100, EN/AS9110, EN/AS9120 standards cover?ts-en-9110-en-example

The EN/AS9100, EN/AS9110, EN/AS9120 standards define the requirements for a certifiable quality management system (QM system) of an organization. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • The organization has established a suitable management system, including mechanisms for risk identification, self-assessment, preventive and corrective actions and continuous improvement of its performance.
  • The organization analyses and considers the quality requirements of its customers and the requirements of the applicable codes and standard.
  • The certified organization defines the required characteristics of the products and services offered and the underlying processes, and ensures regular surveillance to meet the quality requirements of customers, authorities and regulatory bodies. 

    The applicable standard of the EN 9100 series of standard depends on the type of supplier in the aerospace industry.

    EN9100: Quality management system for manufacturers/service providers
    EN9110: Quality management system for maintenance organizations
    EN9120: Quality management system for stockists and distributors



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