ISO/IEC 20000 Certification & Auditing

ISO 20000 Certification – IT Service Management

Implement a satisfactory IT service quality based on ISO/IEC 20000

Implement a satisfactory IT service quality based on ISO/IEC 20000

A Systematic Approach to IT Service Management

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Information Technology — Service Management System is the leading international IT service management system standard, with the objective to ensure the quality of the IT services your company delivers. It outlines requirements for setting up the management system and best practices for managing an IT service, including:

  • ISO/IEC 20000-1 - Outlines requirements for setting up an IT service management system
  • ISO/IEC 20000-2 - Describes best practices

Organizations, including financial services, telecommunications, utilities, retail, manufacturing, transportation and government bodies, that require alignment of their IT services can benefit from the standard.

ISO 20000 vs. ITIL

ISO/IEC 20000 certification should not be confused with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Although the ITIL describes best practices that can achieve the same level of service quality required by ISO/IEC 20000, ITIL certifications normally apply to individuals, while ISO/IEC 20000 enables the entire organization to be certified. A certification assures your internal and external customers that your organization will deliver IT services at a satisfactory level of quality.

ISO 20000 Certification Process

  1. Prepare a gap analysis to define the scope of the IT service management system and certification.
  2. Prepare an implementation plan.
  3. Perform a pre-check audit to check if you are ready for certification.
  4. Begin a Step 1 audit with TÜV SÜD auditors.
  5. Begin a Step 2 audit with TÜV SÜD auditors. Close any non-conformances generated from the ISO 20000 audit.
  6. Receive your audit report and certificate after approval by the committee, and initiate surveillance audits.

Benefits of an iso/iec 20000 certification include:

  • Cost-efficient, reliable and effective IT service management architecture
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Continuous improvement
  • Avoidance of recurring errors and incidents through improved knowledge management
  • Reduced costs caused by inefficiencies
  • Objective, impartial evidence of the quality of your IT services

Helping companies achieve ISO 20000 Certification

ISO 20000 Certification - IT Service ManagementWe can identify gaps for improvement within your IT service management system in accordance with the standard requirements by providing preliminary and formal audits.

We adopt a holistic approach for all your IT testing and certification needs and can provide ISO/IEC 20000 certification integrated with other management systems.

Our independence status ensures that the TÜV SÜD certification mark is accepted worldwide, making it a powerful tool to enhance the marketability of your company.

  • Training courses - Build up your organization’s knowledge of the standard requirements.
  • Pre-audit - We verify if your system fulfills the standard requirements and identify possible gaps.
  • Certification - Our experts conduct a formal audit against the ISO/IEC 20000 requirements.

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