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Energy Storage Systems - UL1973 Certification & Battery Components

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With increasing renewable energy sources being integrated into the grid, energy storage is becoming essential for energy management. However, as with any electrical system, safety should be a top priority.

Our latest whitepaper, "Energy Storage Systems: UL1973 Certification and Battery Components", discusses UL-1973 certification, which is essential for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of the battery components. It also provides detailed information about the various components of ESS and how to evaluate their safety.

This whitepaper covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Introduction to Energy Storage Systems 
  • ESS Components 
  • Evaluating Safety of Battery Management Systems 
  • UL-1973 Certification Process
  • Evaluation Triggers
  • The Cost of Noncompliance
  • Field Evaluations/Special Inspections
  • Regional and State Differences
  • Expanding to EU Markets

With this whitepaper, you'll gain valuable insights into the critical aspects you need to consider when designing or evaluating an ESS. You'll even learn about different regional and state differences, and how to expand your business into EU markets.

So, download our whitepaper today and stay ahead of the competition while ensuring the safety of your energy storage system!

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