Standardization of Electrical Equipment of Machines as a Complement to General Standards and Directives

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Understand Operator Specifications


Standards, directives and statutory requirements ensure that the electrical equipment of a machine meets the requirements for safety of people and equipment. However, they often make the real-world procurement process more complex for planners, manufacturers and operators, which can increase the coordination effort needed. For operators, it can be a challenge to select the standards that are applicable when putting the electrical equipment of a machine out to tender.


In our joint white paper with Siemens "Standardization of electrical equipment of machines as a complement to general standards and directives" you will find everything you need to know about operator specifications: From the standards and directives that must be complied with to concrete specifications for implementing specific requirements.

It shows the benefits and risks for manufacturers and operators and the various phases of the product life cycle and provides tips on what content should be integrated.


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  • Understand the potential risks and benefits of standardization.
  • Get practical tips on what should be included in operator specifications.
  • Learn how this methodology allows you to stay on top of new technologies to further enhance your productivity in the long-term.

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