Elevator Safety Testing

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In the swiftly-growing and increasingly prominent tall building market, safe and reliable elevators are essential for normal operation. Prior to entering service, all elevators have to pass safety assessment and professional acceptance tests. Subsequently, they must undergo periodic inspections. Elevator manufacturers, developers and operators can ensure professional elevator safety inspections through state-of-the-art techniques such as the ADIASYSTEM, a computer-controlled diagnosis system.

TÜV SÜD developed the ADIASYSTEM to serve as an accurate, inexpensive, convenient, and energy-saving alternative for elevator safety testing. With a very successful track record of over 20 years, the testing method has proven its value. Learn more about our expertise and the benefits of ADIASYSTEM for safe tall building elevator inspection.

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  • Understand the changing face of elevator inspection
  • Find out about the ADIASYSTEM, a computerized and electronic load substituting testing system
  • The multiple benefits of the ADIASYSTEM over the traditional load test
  • Gain an overview of the elevator safety standards worldwide

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