BIM: Return-on-investment from the building lifecycle perspective

From a cost factor to sustainable profit growth

From a cost factor to sustainable profit growth

Despite the potential of BIM many still hesitate to use this digital method

BIM requires a fundamental rethink of how to implement, execute and optimize both commercial and technical aspects of a building project. Thus, BIM should be seen as a standard by all stakeholders to drive ‘value partnerships’ across disciplines and building lifecycle-phases forward. This white paper uses a state-of-the-art construction project as a case study to show the positive impact BIM can have on both construction and operating costs.

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Benefits of downloading the white paper

  • It showcases the profitability of BIM over time through a real-life project case study
  • It uncovers the potential of adopting BIM from the perspective of different stakeholders
  • It provides insights to the drivers for results improvement through BIM 

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