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Navigating the CMMC Landscape

Implications, Insights, and Planning Tips for Contractors

Implications, Insights, and Planning Tips for Contractors


This comprehensive overview covers the regulatory landscape, the proposed regulation's key aspects, valuable insights, and essential planning tips for contractors.

Discover the implications, challenges, and strategies for achieving and maintaining CMMC compliance. 

Stay informed on the latest developments as the industry prepares for the upcoming changes.

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Nathan RegolaNathan Regola, JD, PH.D., Security Architect, Relic Lay PLLC

Nathan is a Cyber AB Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) and has supported over 20 NIST 800-53 Information Systems ATOs. Nathan advises federal contractors on cloud and hybrid information systems architecture, SIEM integration, identity and access management and Office 365 configuration, in support of CMMC assessment. Nathan is also a Cyber AB Certified Provisional Instructor (PI). 





William Orlewicz

William Orlewicz, JD, Principal, Relic Law PLLC

Will is a Cyber AB Registered Practitioner (RP) and advises U.S. Federal contractors on government cybersecurity regulations, including DFARS 252.204 -7012, and the forthcoming Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Will's clients include defense industrial base (DIB) contractors, manufacturers, technology companies and service providers. 


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