Detect Hazards With Infrared Thermography/Arc Flash Analysis

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Tackling invisible hazards through infrared thermography and arc flash analysis

In today's increasingly competitive world, even a short-term loss of production could result in a long-term loss of customers. Insurance industry statistics indicate that more than 30% of all fire losses are electrical in origin, resulting in electrical failures being the single most likely cause for industrial insurance claims. Even if an electrical failure does not cause a fire, the failure will result in a breakdown of equipment and potential loss of production.

Infrared Thermography and Arc Flash Analysis are effective, nondestructive inspection techniques that can pinpoint anomalies in complex electrical and mechanical systems. Utilizing the latest techniques and technologies, a professionally conducted IR survey, and an arc flash analysis can identify potential problems before failure, preventing unexpected breakdown.

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The contents of this white paper include:

  • Introduction to Infrared Thermography (IRT)
  • Introduction to Arc Flash
  • The "Invisible Threats"
  • Getting the Most Out of Electrical Safety Programs
  • The Electrical Safety Advantage

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