How To Build a Learning Organization with System Archetypes

How to Build a Learning Organization with System Archetypes

White Paper

White Paper

The Importance of System Archetypes
in a Learning Organization

A Learning Organization is one that is adept at creating, acquiring, transferring knowledge, and modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge to achieve the desired performance and outcomes. Learning organizations practice five disciplines: shared vision, mental models, personal mastery, team learning, and systems thinking. Lasting change comes from understanding what is going on below the water line, out of sight to most. Here lie the patterns and structure, the dynamics that cause the behaviors that then drive performance that lead to a visible event.

Common patterns of behavior in an organization are known as System Archetypes. Four common examples of system archetypes are limits to success, fixes that fail, drifting goals, and success to the successful. Building a learning organization and applying systems thinking tools in a disciplined manner to understand the patterns and structures underlying performance will deliver sustained success. True learning organizations gain an advantageous edge, and become poised for continuous thriving, evolution, and growth.

Discover how system archetypes can help you navigate quality management systems effectively to build lasting organizational success.


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