How Inflation Led to Property Insurance Coverage Gaps

Download Market Trends Report

Download Market Trends Report

Higher construction costs make it difficult to rebuild after a disaster. Yet risk managers often overlook that consequence of rising inflation. Everything costs more from paint (+26%) to wallboard (+18%) to roofing contractors (+21%). 

It’s led underwriters to demand more data on how companies have determined insurance asset valuations for properties, machinery, or equipment. If there are mismatches between reported values and actual values, companies won’t be covered for replacement or rebuilding costs in the event of a fire, hurricane, accident, or other peril.

Think you can just use the market value? Think again. Instead, underwriters valuations that factor in labor and materials costs – which can make valuations much higher than the market value.

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  • Year-over-year inflation data on specific construction and labor costs
  • Why rising construction prices lead to inaccurate insurance claims and coverage gaps
  • Why inflation made it harder to place business insurance coverage
  • Frequently asked questions about insurance asset valuations
  • Best practices for establishing credible insurable values and SOVs in an inflationary economy

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