EU Type Approval of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles and Components After (EC) 79/2009 Repeal

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Gain insights on how the market entry of hydrogen-powered vehicles is regulated

Increasingly stringent regulations to reduce pollutant and CO2 emissions from road vehicles have raised enthusiasm for registration and development of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the European Union. With this trend, questions arise how the market entry of hydrogen-powered vehicles is regulated.

The current legislative framework in the EU references 2 equally leveled regulations from which the manufacturer can freely choose: (EC) 79/2009 and UN/ECE-R134, whereby (EC) 79/2009 is repealed in July 2022. This will lead to regulatory gaps since the scope of both regulations is not completely congruent.

The white paper discusses the current status and possible solutions for this issue. As first step, the European Union issued regulation (EU) 2021/535, which can partly be seen as replacement for (EC) 79/2009. Another solution might be to implement relevant requirements from (EC) 79/2009 to other remaining regulations. It is also in the interest of hydrogen vehicle components manufacturers to address product liability issues not only by fulfilling type approval requirements, but also qualifying their products according to relevant industry norms and standards. This becomes especially relevant if no regulation for type approval is in place.

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Why download the white paper:

  • Get an overview of the current status of the European legislation like (EC) 79/2009, (EU) 406/2010 and UN/ECE-R134.
  • Learn about the repealing of (EC) 79/2009 and the future legal framework for type approvals.
  • Gain insights into possible future solutions to fill the regulatory gap and to bring your hydrogen-powered vehicles safely to market.

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