Ensuring the Safety of Energy Storage Systems

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The Importance of Energy Storage System Safety

Energy storage systems (ESS) are essential elements in global efforts to increase the availability and reliability of alternative energy sources and to reduce our reliance on energy generated from fossil fuels. ESS are found in a variety of industries and applications, including public utilities, energy companies and grid system providers, public and private transportation services, and even commercial and industrial operations.

But the deployment of ESS can also expose us to new hazards and safety risks. Poor quality components or materials, inadequate system design, or failure to adhere to minimum installation spacing requirements are just some of the factors that can lead to fire or explosion.

This White Paper will help you:

  • Learn about stationary energy storage systems, battery energy storage systems, and electrical energy storage systems.
  • Understand the safety issues associated with energy storage systems and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Find out how testing to energy storage system standards, such as NFPA 70, NFPA 855, UL 9540, UL 9540A, UL 1973, UL 1642, UL 1741 and IEC 62619, can affirm system and component safety and increase market acceptance
  • Discover how our experts can assist your organization with energy storage system (ESS) testing and certification.

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