Designing lithium-ion abuse tests

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An Investigation Into Nail Penetration Abuse Test Methodologies For Consistent Results

Over the past decade, regulatory authorities and standards development groups have worked to produce relevant standards for batteries and other electrification components used in alternative energy vehicles. However, the effort continues to identify the limits and shortcomings of certain testing approaches, as well as ways in which test methods can be improved to properly assess the safety of automotive power systems.

Since 2010, TÜV SÜD has conducted testing on over a thousand battery samples, including abuse tests that establish the reaction of cells, modules or batteries under conditions that exceed those expected in normal vehicular use. The results of this testing provides important data that can help refine the recommended testing practices and procedures.

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  • Understand the gaps in current battery standards
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  • Find out the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries tested under actual use conditions

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