Bundled vs. Unbundled Property Loss Control: Declare Your Independence and Reap the Rewards

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Download White Paper

Stop Relying on Insurance to Assess Risks

You may not know it, but biased actors with vested interests are judging your fire, windstorm, or earthquake risk exposure.

Why? Your risk managers are relying on insurance companies to carry out property risk assessments. The same people fiercely negotiating against you are making definitive determinations about the integrity and safety of your facility. You are left with a surface-level risk report and an ever-increasing insurance bill.

We have a solution: unbundled risk assessments.

Free of associations with insurance companies, all detailed data and analysis goes directly to your team - not underwriters. You can better mitigate risks, make your property safer, control retained losses, and keep risk engineering costs in check.

And when you shop for insurance, you’ll negotiate from a position of power.

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In this whitepaper You will learn:

  • How to reduce risk exposure
  • How to lower insurance premiums
  • How to control retained losses and keep risk engineering costs in check
  • How to use unbundling to navigate the hard market and supply chain shortages

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