Safety Requirements for All Warehouse Robots

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View On-Demand Webinar

Warehouse Robots Safety

By all accounts warehouse automation is expected to be a major factor in the evolution of the supply chain in the near future. Ordering products from anywhere to being delivered everywhere in smaller and smaller time frames will depend on rapid deployment of automation systems.

While these systems continue to push the boundaries of performance, and introduce new challenges in safety, there are also some specific concerns about the current architecture of a warehouse and the elevated impact of certain risks. But safety does not need to be compromised. Paying attention to safety design can substantially reduce the risk of major concerns such as ignition and hazards of close interaction with collaborative robots.

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this webinar will explore:

  • The evolving landscape of the supply chain and how all participants in the supply chain can add value by ensuring the appropriate levels of safety are met.
  • Safety requirements for all robots with a specific focus on safety requirements of collaborative robots and warehouse automation.

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