UV Light for Disinfection and Blue Light Hazard

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UV light, UV-C light in particular, has long been used for disinfection

Typical applications can be found as part of the food safety, for disinfecting water, but also in places with a high chance for cross-contamination such as planes, hospital wards, some grocery stores etc. The effectiveness of germicidal UV depends on various factors, such as the exposure time, the intensity and wavelength of the UV radiation, the presence of particles that can protect the microorganisms from UV, and a microorganism's ability to withstand UV during its exposure.

With the emergence of COVID-19, the use of UV-C technology in all aspects of our life is increasing so quickly without mandatory or uniform safety practices in place. A particular concern is the use of UV light in private households. Although UV light is safe when applied correctly, the improper use can be not only is ineffective in killing off microorganism, but is also harmful to humans due to danger of eye damage, skin damage, or lung damage due to ozone that can be produced by UV devices.

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About the presenter

Dr. Marvin BoellDr. Marvin Boell

Senior Engineer and Project Manager for Lighting and Consumer Products

Before joining TÜV SÜD he worked in Research and Development, developing new lighting solutions. Marvin Böll has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, where he studied models to describe human color perception.

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