UK REACH vs. EU REACH Regulation

UK REACH vs. EU REACH Regulation

On-demand webinar

On-demand webinar

UK REACH has come into law

REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and restriction of Chemicals, is a European Union regulation covering most consumer products, requiring companies to report on chemicals used throughout the supply chain and in their articles. Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, UK REACH has come into law.

Broad in scope and affecting the whole supply chain including companies based outside the EU and UK markets. Compliance of articles with REACH requires strategic planning as it asks the industry to account for compliance throughout the supply chain.

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  • The similarities and differences in the requirements for hazardous substances in articles under EU and UK REACH.
  • The current developments in EU REACH.

About the speaker


Senior Product Specialist (SPS) for chemical and softlines testing

I am responsible for supporting sales, laboratories, and certification units concerning chemical and softlines testing. Furthermore, I am a member of ISO, CEN, and DIN committees for standardization of chemical testing on textiles, leather, and footwear, testing for microplastic from textile sources, and for the safety of children’s clothing. I am also a representative of TÜV SÜD in working groups of industrial associations

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