Traceability Solutions for Cotton Supply Chains

Traceability Solutions for Cotton Supply Chains

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Do you know where your cotton comes from? You need to do your due diligence to make sure it doesn’t come from a source that uses forced labor. Join this webinar and learn about the latest tools and technologies that can help you trace the cotton in your supply chain.

This webinar provides practical tools and solutions to help you "do your due diligence" for cotton compliance from source to shelf.  How should you trace the Cotton origin of the goods and their components?  Is a document trail enough, or can new testing tools like Isotope testing and Cotton DNA analysis together with traceability management help to address UFLPA and other forced labor concerns?

Watch the webinar to understand how you can develop a due diligence plan that is comprehensive and cost-effective for the Cotton in your supply chain.

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About the speakers

MeiLin WanMeiLin Wan

Vice President, Textile Sales, Applied DNA Sciences 

Ms. Wan is responsible for providing clients with innovative molecular business solutions to preserve the integrity of products, assure quality and enable responsible and sustainable sourcing practices globally. She leads the team to create commercial solutions under the CertainT platform for cotton, synthetics, recycled PET, wool, viscose, leather, down and feather, thread, labels and specialty coatings.

She has a Bachelors of Commerce degree with first class honors in Strategic Management from the University of Western Australia. She also was an associate lecturer at University of Utah and University of Toronto.


Sandeep KhatuaSandeep Khatua

Global Technical Director, TUV SUD

Sandeep is a Product Safety and Business Development Executive in the Consumer Goods Industry. He brings years of experience leading with technical systems improvements, product, and business development activities within diverse industries such as apparel, home goods, footwear, and accessories.  

Sandeep received his Bachelor of Technology in textile engineering at the University of Calcutta, India; his Master of Science in textiles science & engineering at the University of Leeds, England; and his Ph.D. in fiber & polymer science at the University of California, Davis.

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