Strategies for Preventing Machinery Breakdown

Strategies for Preventing Machinery Breakdown

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View On-Demand Webinar


Machinery breakdown can cripple plant operations and lead to expensive downtime. It’s critical to keep boilers, mechanical systems, and electrical equipment in top shape while having contingency plans for malfunctions or failures.

Today’s business climate makes managing machinery breakdown even more complex. Experienced workers are retiring or job-hopping to pursue new opportunities, leaving a knowledge gap that can lead to human-caused failures. Also, supply chains are still not back to normal, meaning procuring parts takes much longer than you might realize.

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In this webinar, we explore boiler & machinery risk engineering. The presentation highlights:

  • Proactive measures to reduce machinery breakdown.
  • How to reduce the possibility of human error. 
  • The criticality of asset contingency and business continuity planning.
  • How B&M risk evaluations improve underwriting and insurance renewal outcomes.

About the speakers

Paul Cieniewicz, Global Manager of Boiler & Machinery Engineering at Global Risk Consultants

Manny Padilla, Vice President, Risk Management & Insurance at MacAndrews & Forbes


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