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Latest FCC and EU Module Integration Rules


Current U.S. and EU radio module integration requirements

Many modern products are taking advantage of wireless transmitter modules that have been certified by a module manufacturer to demonstrate compliance with the FCC and EU rules. Wireless modules today are integrated transmitter circuits that are imbedded in both simple and complex host products. When using certified transmitter modules, it is necessary for the host product manufacturer or host integrator to have a good understanding of RF and EMC principles, and knowledge of relevant regulations.

This webinar will provide you with up to date critical knowledge of the current US and EU radio module integration requirements, as outlined in the FCC’s recently published series of KDBs as well as the European ETSI Guide, EG 203 367 that covers the requirements for multi radio, combined radio, and non-radio equipment.

The webinar will also provide relevant information from the RED Council Association’s Technical Guidance Note on RF modules and their integration.

Topics Covered:

FCC Knowledge DataBase Publication 996369 D04

  • Best practices to follow for modular transmitter integration
  • Assessment guidance for the host product – selection of frequencies, host and technology operation, emission measurements, antenna gain consideration, RF exposure requirements, unintentional radiation

  • Authorization, labeling and user manual guidance

European ETSI Guide, EG 203 367 and RED CA Technical Guidance Note 01

  • Conformity assessment guidance for multi-radio and combined equipment in relation to article 3.1b (EMC) and article 3.2 (effective and efficient use of the radio spectrum) of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

  • How to avoid duplication of testing and make use of assessment(s) already performed on the multi-radio or combined equipment and identify the additional assessment necessary

  • Guidance upon the selection of the appropriate limits and/or test conditions where different limits and/or test conditions exist in the standards applicable to each constituent product of the multi-radio or combined equipment

  • Technical documentation of the final radio product

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