Working Remotely Towards the Future

How to Work Remotely Towards the Future

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View on-demand webinar

Adversity is an Opportunity to Innovate

As we settle into a new reality of working remotely, the transition of the business can feel misguided for some. Finding the smoothest course for the change to remote work is no small feat. In this fireside chat, Vice President of Business Assurance, Mark Alpert, and Vice President of Marketing, Dr. Jasmine Martirossian, discuss the vital steps that all employees can take to help ease the transition to effective remote work, keeping customers supported and happy.

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key points covered:

  • Issues that are pertinent to every organization at this time dominated by COVID-19

  • Innovative processes that can help increase effectiveness in remote work and the future business landscape

  • Keeping customers supported and happy

About the speakers

Mark Alpert Vice President Business AssuranceMark Alpert

Vice President of Business Assurance, TÜV SÜD 

Mark Alpert brings an energetic, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach to creating, planning and executing business initiatives that increase stakeholder value, customer satisfaction and operational excellence. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of quality management and organizational improvement.


Mark’s specialties include strategic planning, operations management, and quality management systems, while having an emphasis on high performing teams, customer service, systems thinking, organizational learning. He is an expert in Lean, Six Sigma, Baldrige and ISO standards.



Jasmine Martirossian Vice President MarketingDr. Jasmine Martirossian

Vice President of Marketing, TÜV SÜD 

Dr. Jasmine Martirossian develops strategies and follow-up implementation for digital marketing, and e-commerce, bridging business needs and technology, strengthening the brand and driving lead generation; evaluating customer and market needs, and crafting approaches to address them. She has a successful track record in building consensus and developing creative solutions for cross-functional global groups with disparate needs and goals.

Jasmine is an expert at Board governance review and strategic imperative development. She is also a widely published author and frequent public/keynote speaker. Jasmine’s specialties include Marketing Strategy, Web/E-Commerce and Marketing Strategy and Implementation, with focus on Digital Marketing, Market Research, Board Governance, as well as Strategic Planning and Facilitation. 



Kelly Stewart Lead EmailKelly Stewart

Lead Email and Content Coordinator, TÜV SÜD 

Kelly Stewart is a cybersecurity enthusiast and extremely knowledgeable on digital footprints and social media influence. She has five years of experience in digital marketing management, with background in technology and B2B market. Kelly’s specialties include digital media strategic planning, email marketing management, HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified, Google Analytics certified, and BrightEdge certified.

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