Energy Efficiency of Battery Chargers

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View On-Demand Webinar

The New Federal Standards and Testing Requirements

Energy Efficiency of Battery ChargersMost product manufacturers are not even aware that new mandatory energy efficiency requirements for battery charging systems went into effect June 13th, 2018.

Consumer products of all sorts will require new testing and listing on the Compliance Certification Management System (CCMS) to demonstrate compliance with the DoE standards. Portable appliances, speakers, computers, tablets, and other battery-powered consumer products are impacted.

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This webinar will address:

  • Background on the DoE's battery charger requirements
  • Key Aspects of the DoE battery charger standard
  • Prescribed testing procedures for the battery chargers
  • How can TÜV SÜD help

Professionals responsible for designing, distributing or procuring consumer products containing rechargeable batteries will be interested in this webinar.

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