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Developing Business Alignment to Deliver on Assurance

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Develop the Right Performance Strategy for Your Business Needs


Seeking high performance in business without the proper alignment on strategy is similar to asking a dog to fly - it just won't happen. Developing the right strategy for your company, combined with the tools it takes to achieve alignment, is a key step in accomplishing business excellence. 


Our TÜV SÜD expert, Mark Alpert, Vice President of Business Assurance, will guide us through the pathway to success. With his years of knowledge, experience working with multinational clients, and global perspective, Mark is the person to learn from. 


Learn the tools it takes to build the right strategy for your organization's specific needs.

key points covered:

  • What steps are necessary to create a strong strategy

  • How to prevent misalignment in strategy development

  • How does TÜV SÜD support high performance companies

  • Expert Q&A

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