Become Less Vulnerable to Ransomware

How Your Organization Can Become Less Vulnerable to Ransomware

View On-Demand Webinar

View On-Demand Webinar

Protect your organization from ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malicious software or malware that can cripple your organization by preventing you from accessing your computer files, networks, or systems and demand a ransom for its return. This cybersecurity breach has evolved from a simple locking down of your computer to the extraction of information to be sold on the darknet. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Trade Secrets
  • Intellectual property

Join our cybersecurity experts to gain an understanding on ways to prevent, respond, and mitigate the risk of ransomware.

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This webinar will focus on these points:

  • Types of security education
  • Direct control vs. Indirect control
  • Importance of frameworks
  • Why the ISO 27000 series is so successful
  • Ways to significantly minimize risk to your network(s)

About the speakers

Ed Chandler Employee SpotlightEd Chandler

Account Executive and Cybersecurity Lead, TÜV SÜD

Ed Chandler has worked in the technology field since 2010, and Cybersecurity since 2011. During this time he has had great success working for organizations such as Trustwave, Great Bay Software, and Virtual Forge. In Cybersecurity he has had the opportunity to work with organizations in sectors such as: Financial Services, Education, Government, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

During Ed’s time with Trustwave, he assisted large and complex government organizations not only implement PCI-DSS programs, but also ensure those programs were adopted by the greater organizations. At TÜV SÜD, Ed is an Account Executive for the Central Region as well as the Cybersecurity Lead for Business Assurance.


Michael Penders

Cyber Security Program Manager/ Lead Auditor at TUV SUD

Michael has over 25 years experience in cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management. He’s been a speaker at major conferences, before Congress, and chaired an international group of experts which developed standards for integrated security/risk management.

He designs, implements, and audits Enterprise Risk Management and Information Security Management Systems conforming to ISO and National Standards.

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