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Acoustic Emission Test (AET) For Pressure Vessels And Storage Tanks

On-Demand Webinar

Minimize Downtime, Detect Flaws in the Early Stage, And Achieve Cost Savings

The Acoustic Emission Test (AET) is a non-destructive test method that detects impending problems and damage early and reliably - even before they become critical. The acoustic emission test is not only suitable for locating cracks and leaks or for identifying corrosion and defects. It is also recommended for the periodic inspections of pressure vessels and tanks required under the Industrial Safety Ordinance.

TÜV SÜD’s free on-demand webinar will help you understand how you can minimize downtime, detect flaws in the early stage, and achieve cost savings. TÜV SÜD’s expert will cover all key aspects of AET.

Our Webinar Will Tackle These Points, Focusing On:

  • What is Acoustic Emission Test (AET)?
  • Benefits of AET & how it complements traditional testing methods
  • Case studies

Business Benefits of AET

  • Save costs - by combining AET with other NDT processes to carry out targeted checks
  • Identify imperfections - such as cracks or corrosion at an early stage
  • Carry out integral monitoring of complex pressure vessels - for crack formation and progress
  • Avoid corrosion, contamination and static loads - by knowing them at early stage
  • Carry out AET in-service - without draining the operating medium
  • Ensure safety of the systems - and increase the availability
  • Gain competitive advantage from a trusted partner - with many years of experience

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