Taking Wi-Fi 6E Products to Market

Answering 6 questions

Answering 6 questions

Requirements and Advantages of Wi-Fi 6E

Phil Evans, Business Development Director - Connectivity, answers 6 questions regarding the requirements and advantages for taking Wi-Fi 6E products to market.

 Thursday, November 11, 2021

The 6 Questions answered in the video:

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

How does Wi-Fi 6E affect me?

When can I expect to see Wi-Fi 6E devices?

How can I tell if the product I am buying supports Wi-Fi 6E?

What's the catch? Is it too good to be true?

What should we be aware of as we transition to Wi-Fi 6E?

To Learn more about Wi-Fi 6E visit our landing page here:

Wi-Fi 6E Testing & Compliance

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