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Touch Protection in Electrical Panels

More and more thermographic consultants are faced with a full or multiple smaller plexiglass shields behind a panel door, which is fitted either by the Manufacturer or retrospectively by the plant, to provide a form of touch protection from exposed energized equipment. This need for finger/touch protection is valid and in many regulations a mandated one.

Two examples are IP Code (International Protection Rating) for touch protection (i.e. IP22) or NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), such as stated in NFPA 79.

Many types of plastics are non-transmissive to Infrared (IR) radiation in fact many are a reflector to IR radiation, that means that an IR radiation does not pass through them, any problems such as hot connections will not be found until they either physically catch fire, begin to smoke/smolder or display other visual characteristics of overheating. This should be considered as “To late” in the industrial risk engineering approach. The removal of these panels during an IR survey can be time consuming and unsafe.

Download the report to learn about the importance of touch protection in electrical panels.

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