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Railway Signaling Services

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

about rail signaling services

Rail signaling services help operators, railway project managers and manufacturers to ensure that their crucial rail signaling equipment functions safely and reliably. The complex interdependencies of signaling and telecommunications and other safety critical equipment and systems in the rail sector pose real challenges for operators and manufacturers. It is essential to ensure that safety, performance, quality and interoperability objectives are met as cost-efficiently as possible. Rail signaling services help you by ensuring that your plans, engineering and signaling systems are working safely and reliable.

Conducting validation, testing, assessment and certification services on your rail signalling projects and equipment provides several benefits:

  • Ensure that safety, performance, quality and interoperability objectives are met
  • Achieve maximum safety and quality as cost-efficiently as possible
  • Successfully migrate to the European Train Control System (ERTMS/ETCS), a globally uniform train control and protection system, which is set to replace the existing safety systems in Europe
  • Ensure that all new requirements for existing signalling systems are fulfilled, e.g. digital interlocking systems

Rail Signalling Services

TÜV SÜD supports rail manufacturers and operators at every stage of their product life cycle: from risk analyses to the development, planning to realisation of control systems and signalling technology, telecommunications, and Power Scada. At the same time, we cover all areas of rail signalling (e. g. interlocking systems, CBTC systems, human-machine interface systems, axle counting systems, ATP systems) and all train types (high-speed, conventional, tramways, light rail systems, metros [BOStrab]). Our expertise focuses on validation, independent safety assessment, certification and training. We cover all state-of-the-art technologies that are used in signalling systems for rail infrastructure, from relay-driven systems to fully software-controlled systems (microcomputer, FPGA) and standard industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC).


By taking advantage of our support services to manage the complex requirements for the validation and assessment of signalling systems and technologies, you ensure and document that your systems efficiently comply with safety requirements. Our experts support you in the best way possible, always with the objective to achieve maximum safety of your products at minimum costs and with our global expert network we are able to support you worldwide.

We provide practical solutions to ensure your signalling project meets all safety, performance, quality and interoperability objectives:

o  As an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA), TÜV SÜD provides independent assessment
    services of generic products and generic and specific applications in accordance with
            European standards and IEC standards as well as all relevant specifications for  trackside
            and on-board equipment.

  o  Plan checking and acceptance testing as well as on the inspection of functional and
            technical safety for rail signalling systems.

o  Independent quality and safety audits

o  All our services are supported by proprietary tools

  • Technical Support

o  Validation of generic products and applications as well as specific applications at
            software and system level


o  Conformity assessments of interoperability constituents and EC verifications of the
            control-command and signalling (CCS) on-board and trackside subsystems according
            to EU Directives (associated partner with EISENBAHN-CERT (EBC), accreditation as
            NoBo via TÜV SÜD Nederland and TÜV SÜD Danmark)


o  Evaluation according to CSM as an independent Assessment Body (AsBo)

o  Evaluation of national notified technical rules - Evaluation as a Designated body (DeBo)

  • Certification

o  Our specialists can certify your product to the relevant sector-specific safety
            standards (Certification with TÜV SÜD-Mark, e. g. according to standard series
            EN 5012X)

o Our experienced specialists conduct training for a range of signalling and safety systems (e. g. basics of rail signalling, CENELEC Standards)


ISO/TS 22163: Quality Management Standard for the Rail Industry

ISO/TS 22163: Quality Management Standard for the Rail Industry

Deliver high standards of quality, minimize risk, and increase sales with ISO/TS 22163 certification

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