Project Development

Project Development for Wind Energy

Access all the support you need for your renewable energy projects

Access all the support you need for your renewable energy projects

About wind energy project development

Project development takes place during the project conception/development phase of a wind energy project. It involves a thorough approach to project identification and selection, ongoing project design management and permitting to ensure the technical and commercial viability of the project.

Public tenders for development concessions require in-depth knowledge of the development process as well as risks, costs and many other related factors. Project development minimizes risk for stakeholders by verifying the development potential and economic viability of an identified site. It confirms that the project can be realized with existing engineering techniques and assist with the selection and implementation of appropriate methods to ensure your objectives are met.

our experts help you to minimize the risk of your wind energy project

TÜV SÜD has a detailed understanding of the technical and commercial parameters of project design, assessment and the ultimate requirements for the construction and operation of economically viable projects. Our experts’ in-depth knowledge of all renewable project development activities has been gained from their extensive experience in renewable energy projects around the world.

wind energy project development involveS:

  • Market analysis

    TÜV SÜD helps clients to define projects under development as well as establish baseline development programmes and associated budgets, whether in support of a single defined technology or as part of a balanced portfolio. We provide survey management, cost modelling, policy and regulatory support, research and development support, development of best practices, and Economic Impact Assessment.
  • Market entry strategy

    We review existing development parameters for individual technologies as well as industry-wide development strategies. Our advice covers regulatory regimes for project permitting and licensing, existing and prospective financial support mechanisms, and typical development timescales and costs. We also support clients when negotiating all necessary land rights to permit access, assessment, construction, connection, operation, decommissioning and repowering of prospective projects.
  • Wind farm feasibility studies

    TÜV SÜD’s multi-faceted approach to feasibility studies provides insight into potential environmental and permitting issues, together with an outline view on likely technical and engineering solutions. Our individual and collective assessments help clients balance regulatory compliance with optimal commercial design for preliminary site design, site design, site selection / optimization as well as ground investigations and analysis.
  • Project development support

    We prepare a detailed overview of technical characteristics, regulatory constraints and commercial viability. This covers project management in the development phase, pre-consent project/portfolio review or acquisition, stakeholder engagement/ management of public events, and consent/permitting management. As part of our service, we draft and implement an overall management system for any project scale to ensure funds are invested wisely and project milestones are reached in a timely manner.
  • Concession management

    TÜV SÜD advises clients on bid strategy, prequalification, and bid drafting and interview preparation/attendance. We can also manage the wider inputs from the client’s team of advisors.


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