Nuclear Waste Management

Ensure quality and consistency in the inspection of nuclear and conventional facilities, equipment and components

Ensure quality and consistency in the inspection of nuclear and conventional facilities, equipment and components

About nuclear waste management

Nuclear waste management involves minimizing all forms of radioactive waste, categorizing it and determining appropriate disposal methods in line with Best Available Techniques (BAT).

One of the most important challenges in the nuclear industry is what to do with the nuclear waste. It must be managed in ways that protect human health and minimize the environmental impact. For nuclear power generation, all waste is regulated. Optimizing nuclear waste management from the early stages is key for an effective, cost-efficient process.

helping you manage your nuclear waste safely and efficiently

We help suppliers and operators to achieve the optimal design for any waste stream by applying integrated waste management strategies and plans. With our comprehensive understanding of costs and waste volumes, we support you to develop funded waste management plans and make financial provisions during the operation phase to fund end-of-life commissioning. Our experts also ensure that radioactive waste is in a safe condition for storage, transport, handling and potential disposal.

Our nuclear waste management services include:

  • Waste Processing

    TÜV SÜD provides support in strategy development, pre-treatment of waste and minimization of waste (e.g. by vitrification). We offer waste package management for various waste forms that arise during decommissioning. An array of tools is used to better understand the entire waste cycle, such as “waste led” decommissioning diagrams based on IAEA guidelines.

  • Retrieval of Waste

    We support you in the areas of storage conditions, characterization and design, and configuration of storage. We also provide tactics for decommissioning and retrieval, cost estimating, quantity surveying/ assessment, option studies and BAT assessment, and development of concept processes.

  • Transfer and Transport of Waste

    TÜV SÜD provides expertise in container types and radioactive waste transport licensing and regulations. We support you with waste process and throughput modelling as well as criticality and shielding assessment for transport safety cases.

  • Nature and Quantity of Wastes and Waste Form Assessments

    We provide criticality assessment, radiation-shielding design, control of suitability for disposal and preparation of the regulatory documentation relating to the packaging. Our services cover waste ranging from exemption levels to spent fuel and High Level Waste.

  • Best Available Technique Assessments

    We provide assessments to ensure that your options meet criteria such as safety, environmental impact, practicability and cost.

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