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3rd-party compliance testing services

3rd-party compliance testing services


TÜV SÜD Canada Inc. (Newmarket), a division of TÜV SÜD America Inc., has been in business since 2011. We are a provider of testing, inspection, and safety certification services of products in segments of the Automotive Industry, Medical and Health Science Products, Defense Products and Systems and Information Technology. TÜV SÜD Newmarket is a multi-discipline testing facility, in which is leader in the Lithium-Ion Battery Testing and Certification in North America.

What We Offer

Our testing laboratory in Newmarket offers 3rd party compliance testing that can test and certify a variety of products including:

  • Telecommunication
  • Defense
  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Aerospace

Testing services We Provide

We test to a variety of products to specifications written by ISTA, ASTM, ISO, SAE, IEC, CSA, UL, UN, EN, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Nissan, Honda, VW, BMW, Mercedes, MIL-STD, RTCA, Aerospace, Military, and Medical Health OEM’s.


Lithium battery testing under UN/DOT 38.3
White paper

Lithium battery testing under UN/DOT 38.3

Outlines Lithium battery testing required under UN/DOT 38.3.

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