Vertical Transportation System Design Parameters



This webinar will present an overview of the metrics used to determine the performance of vertical transportation systems.

It will cover how the key input parameters which can influence the calculations are defined and how they are used to determine performance. The estimation of building occupancy for different building types and uses and how it relates to lift performance analysis will be covered together with the typical performance targets expected for commercial office buildings, hotels and residential apartment buildings. In addition to the results provided by traditional mathematical calculation, the additional data which becomes available through the application of simulation methods and which can be valuable to building designers will be discussed.

Key points covered:

  • Occupancy calculation for lift calculations
  • Vertical transportation performance targets
  • Benefits of design optimisation

Target Audience:

  • Building Designers
  • Architects
  • Developers

Hamish McGlashan MSc MIET
Associate Director, London

As a consultant engineer there are two different areas of my work. The first being new construction design and specification where I provide the vertical transportation input to building design teams working from RIBA Stage 1 right through to project completion.

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