Measurement for Recovery Programme

Helping UK companies get back on track

Helping UK companies get back on track

World-leading measurement solutions are critical to business and government, accelerating research and innovation, improving quality of life, and enabling trade.

The “Measurement for Recovery” Programme helps solve analysis or measurement issues that cannot be resolved using standard technologies and techniques by providing 100% funding for short research projects. The new Programme brings together a consortium of national measurement laboratories, led by NPL and including TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, to support the UK in its recovery from coronavirus (COVID-19).

In recognising the vital role measurement science plays across all sectors, this innovation programme will provide companies access to cutting-edge R&D and flow measurement expertise to help improve their business processes and products.

How can the Measurement for Recovery Programme support your business?

  • Provide flow measurement and analysis expertise
  • Investigate the feasibility of concepts and validate flow products and processes
  • Support new products and services which directly help the national response to COVID-19
  • Help cost reduction or improve productivity
  • Increase product reliability and mitigate in-service costs
  • Help develop product qualification and development programs

The new programme, expected to help more than 400 businesses in the UK, is now open for applications. All project costs for successful applicants are fully covered, and there is no limit to the number of times an organisation can apply. 

If you have any questions on the programme, please contact us or complete the enquiry form.

For further details of the scheme and eligibility please visit

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