Façade Access Audit

In-depth site survey by our experienced consultants

In-depth site survey by our experienced consultants

What is a façade access audit survey?

A façade access audit survey is a detailed examination of permanently installed suspended and non-suspended system(s) (for example, cleaning cradles and gantries) deployed for accessing the building fabric and roofs (external & internal) for periodic cleaning and long-term façade maintenance.

Why is it required?

Ageing and poorly maintained suspended access equipment poses a large risk to both the user of the equipment and the duty holder. As a result, more expensive and laborious means of access are employed which may demand road closures and local authority permits.

Many access systems currently in use have exceeded their intended design life, are of basic construction and likely to be way behind the high requirements placed on manufacturers of new equipment. When considering modernisation, refurbishment and retrofitting of façade access equipment, TÜV SÜD provides you with a complete assessment of a ‘new for old’ proposal, including any necessary upgrades and their effect upon the existing façade and roof level services. We factor in changes to codes, equipment loads, risk assessments and the cost effectiveness of upgrades to equipment to arrive at a safe and optimal solution.

How can our Façade Access Team help?

An in-depth site survey will be carried out by one of our highly experienced consultants to:

  • Review safe working conditions and performance of the existing façade access system(s)
  • Review overall access strategy - Whilst many modern buildings have integrated façade access equipment, these may not always provide a satisfactorily practical solution for cleaning and maintenance to the outside façade
  • Identify all hazardous activities undertaken via existing system during cleaning and long-term maintenance
  • Examine relevant LOLER, maintenance logs, safety documentation including method statements and risk assessments
  • Identify appropriate management controls which are required to suitably and sufficiently manage/control any residual risks which cannot otherwise be eliminated
  • Report in detail on the conditions found and assess whether the current controls are satisfactory - Where deficiencies are found, they will outline clear recommendations and provide advice

What are the benefits?

  • Impartial and competent site-specific advice on a wide range of permanent and temporary type façade access system(s)
  • A written documented assessment by an independent specialist
  • Develop modernisation tender specifications and thoroughly review contractor’s bids
  • Independent review of contractor’s submittals and witness testing and commissioning of installed / refurbished system(s)
  • Advice to ensure work at height activities are being undertaken safely
  • Verification of compliance with industry Codes and Regulations
  • The optimum access solution may require a degree of technical innovation and an element of creativity available from independent experts

Portfolio Management of Façade Access Assets

For building owners and large-scale developers, we provide full portfolio management services, including periodic site surveys to detail status reports of current façade access equipment, witness performance testing, reviews of current maintenance programs, evaluation of equipment performance, and recommendations for improving, refurbishing, or modernising existing equipment.

If you require any further information on Façade Access Survey & Management, please contact us and our team will be happy to help.


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