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Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

What is Urban Rail safety testing?

Whether you are designing and constructing a new metro system or upgrading an existing one, urban rail testing is an essential stage in the process to ensure safe and reliable operation. Conducting comprehensive safety testing for urban rail systems involves an overall evaluation of system requirements and moderation of risk analysis, design reviews, monitoring of manufacturing and installation of subsystems, acceptance tests, evaluation of operational procedures as well as energy efficiency solutions. These urban rail transit testing services support operators, rail authorities and manufacturers to verify compliance with changing safety requirements.

Why is urban rail safety testing important?

Urban rail testing provides operators, rail authorities and manufacturers with multiple benefits:

  • Ensure an urban public transport company’s safe and reliable operation, passenger satisfaction and sustainability without sacrificing performance and cost efficiency

  • Assure rail authority technical expertise and a comprehensive view, as well as formal correctness by shifting technical responsibility to a third-party technical service provider    

  • Discover weaknesses or problems at an early stage and avoid costly errors and rework later

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation to achieve market access

TÜV SÜD has extensive global Urban Rail testing experience

TÜV SÜD possesses a wealth of technical experience in urban rail systems testing. Our specialists understand the complex needs of the rail business and provide deep knowledge and expertise for operators, rail authorities and manufacturers, supported by our proprietary and state-of-the-art rolling stock testing facilities. Engaging our expertise at the onset ensures safety, reliability and reduced risk, both technical and commercial. We are widely recognised as a railway safety assessor by many railway authorities and National Safety Authorities around the world.


We provide an extensive range of urban rail system safety services, including:

Technical advisory in project planning and design

  • Advisory on project definition, and conceptual planning and design
  • Detailed design review of technical documentation
  • Monitoring of manufacturing and installation of subsystems
  • Acceptance tests
  • Assessment of tender documents for contractors and suppliers
  • Evaluation of operational procedures
  • Support for project management (scope, time, safety, quality, cost, resource, risk, communication, procurement and contract)
  • Development support for common ticketing strategies and solutions (e.g. smart card technology)
  • Advice on international business strategy
  • Advice on non-fare revenue (e.g. advertising)

Technical advisory in operation and maintenance

  • Train and station operation strategies (ticketing, central control and operations planning)
  • Station-based maintenance, way-side maintenance, rolling stock maintenance and maintenance planning
  • Asset management

Independent safety assessments (ISA)

  • Evaluation of tender documents and technical specifications, and requirements management
  • Review of risks by assessing safety analysis, basic concepts and requirements definitions
  • Review of technical documents for aspects related to design and construction, fire safety, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, EMC, etc.
  • Inspections of manufacturing, assembly and commissioning
  • Measurements on mechanical and electrical components
  • Acceptance inspections of completed systems



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