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Fire protection services for railway systems

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

What are fire protection services for railway systems?

Rail vehicle and rolling stock manufacturers and operators face the challenge of guaranteeing personal safety including fire protection and protecting the value of assets and the environment, while also complying with statutory requirements and product liability regulations. Both in Europe and worldwide, standards and regulations are harmonised, continuously updated and often made more rigorous. National and international laws, standards and directives form an important basis for assessment to ensure compliance with the defined protection objectives. Documentation and records must meet these requirements throughout the lifecycle process (with reference to the V-model according to EN 50126). Our fire protection testing services support you in addressing all these challenges to ensure safe rail operation.

Why are fire protection testing services important?

The services of an independent testing organisation are vital to ensure safe rail Operation, especially when it comes to fire protection for railway systems. Those services provide manufacturers and operators various benefits:

  • Save time and money by identifying possible weaknesses early and by meeting all requirements and specifications, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming rework
  • Minimise risks by identifying safety-related weaknesses to avoid excessive engineering measures
  • Boost your credibility and reputation with providing safe products certified with a global test mark

  • Increase Efficiency by working together with an expert partner who also assists you in reducing disproportionate third-party measures

TÜV SÜD supports your fire safety assessment and component certification needs

TÜV SÜD has long-standing experience and wide-ranging expertise in fire protection and the entire rail sector. We are recognised worldwide as a railway safety assessor. Many of our experts are also recognised by German and other European and international authorities as experts and assessors.

We apply a multidisciplinary, integrated testing approach that covers all aspects of rolling stock and vehicle engineering, safety technology for infrastructures and for railway operation in general. With our independent testing and assessment services we offer support for rolling stock operators and owners, infrastructure operators, and vehicle and component manufacturers to ensure approval-ready product design and implementation throughout process chains. Our professional, process-oriented approach helps you to avoid excessive engineering measures without compromising on essential safety. In addition, we support authorities in verifying evidence bases, also in connection with CSM applications. Our proactive approach to our customers’ individual situations generates enormous potential savings in our customers’ value chain, mobilised by our testing services we perform - from defining certification requirements to optimising certification management.

TÜV SÜD experts are thoroughly familiar with state-of-the-art technology and science and have cross-disciplinary expertise in evaluation and assessment methods, focusing on FMEA as well as risk, consequence and sensitivity analysis. As accredited partner we offer assessment services as inspection body/testing body, NoBo (Notified Body)/DeBo (Designated Body)/AsBo (Assessment Body) and ISA (Independent Safety Assessors).

Our fire protection testing services for railway systems

With our testing services for fire protection you will meet all relevant fire protection requirements.


We provide system-related fire protection assessment according to recognised ´standards and regulations at national and international level, e.g EN 45545-2, as a basis for the issue of operating licences or vehicle/infrastructure acceptance. We supply expert confirmations of the correctness of engineering design and operating concepts for vehicles or technical systems (test reports, confirmations, expert assessments and certificates).


With our independent testing and assessement services we support you, amongst others, in the following areas:

  • Inspection of operator requirements, system/ technology design and verification management
  • Ongoing verification of approval capability/ acceptability of technical solutions as part of design and manufacturing process
  • Confirmation of ‘proof of equivalent safety’
  • Issue of certification for final approval of technical systems/components

Verification Assessment  

  • Fire and evacuation simulation models for vehicles and infrastructures
  • Practical fire tests for purposes including proof of design fires or proof of equivalent safety in system assessments (vehicle/infrastructure/operation)
  • Practical function testing for fire detection and fire-fighting systems according to ARGE Directives, e. g. with real-time smoke simulation
  • Monitoring amendments to standards and regulations
  • Verification of safety based on the assessment of fire risks and FMEAs in new developments and modernisations
  • Determination of potential risks
  • Specification of requirements in deviations from recognised rules of technology where allowed by regulations and/or authorities

SAFETY-RELATED inspection FOR INFRaSTRUCTURES FOR OPERATION (e. g. tunnels, stations, work facilities)

We provide assesments inf the following areas:

  • Definition of operating limits
  • Fire-risk analysis and damage assessment
  • Analysis of adjustments to minimise costs


  • Design and development assessnment 
  • Certification
  • Minimisation of documentation: Our certification mark guarantees comprehensive conformity with the requirements of EN 45545-2. Successful certification minimises the certification-related documentation that you must submit to your client; this safeguards your company’s in-house product expertise.


Our training programmes focus on the issues of most concern to our customers and incorporate case studies where required. Focal areas include:

  • Introduction to regulations and examination of the associated restrictions on evidence
  • Definition of specific product requirements for purposes including materials
  • Instructions for performance of fire risk assessments and impact analysis
  • Introduction to the creation of vehicle-related fire protection and evacuation concepts
  • Incident, rescue and emergency schemes for rolling stock/overall rail systems


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