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Topics of Interest

The theme for 2022 is technical innovation in flow measurement on the road to Net Zero. The Workshop will explore challenges for the entire energy sector as stakeholders throughout the supply chain position themselves to address the energy transition.

The conference is accepting papers from upstream, midstream and downstream organisations involved in the energy transition, from oil and gas, to hydrogen, CCUS and beyond.

The Technical Committee is interested in receiving papers representing all aspects of flow measurement, uncertainty and quality improvement, but the following topics are particularly relevant:

▪ New energy – flow measurement, transportation, standards, and challenges in cleaner fuels

▪ The role of measurement and traceability in ensuring a Just Transition

▪ LNG development, transportation, and challenges, from marine to energy consumption

▪ Digital flow solutions – including measurement, asset health checks, and data driven-modelling

▪ Techniques or devices improving the quality of measurement and/or uncertainty

▪ Innovation in measurement of water in oil (watercut meters)

▪ Latest solutions and improvements in developing frontier and deep-water areas

▪ Gas and leak emissions (flaring, CO2, CH4, venting, N2O…)

To maintain the practical aspect of the event, case-study style papers and those led by end-users will be given priority.

Format of Delivery

There are two options for delivering material:

  • Full paper - including 20-minute presentation and 10-minute chaired discussion in the main hall.
  • Poster presentation - displayed and discussed during the Workshop’s poster session.

These will be accompanied by a written technical paper which will be published in the Workshop proceedings.



Supported by:

The Global Flow Measurement workshop is an approved CPD accredited learning event

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