Global Flow Measurement Workshop 2022
Technical Programme


Day 1: Tuesday 25 October – Hydrocarbon Metering

  • Session 1 - Developments in Single Phase Metering

    ISO 5167: past and present
    Michael Reader-Harris – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

    Sound speed for self-diagnosis of oil ultrasonic flow meters
    Ligia Gaigher Franco, Phelipe Augusto Lima, Rogério Ramos – UFES; Luiz Octávio Vieira Pereira – Petrobras

    Operation and verification of a dual-mode Coriolis meter using prism signal processing
    Manus Henry, Michael Tombs, Feibiao Zhou – University of Oxford; Dr. Sakethraman Mahalingam – ARAMCO Overseas

  • Session 2 - Multiphase Measurement Innovations

    Multiphase flowmeter uncertainty – A practical methodology
    Craig Coull – Kelton Engineering Ltd

    Making the multiphase flow meter less dependent on dated PVT
    Richard Barr – Proserv

    Field testing an electromagnetic 3D imaging multiphase flowmeter
    Andy Hunt, Ogheneochuko Obie, Sam Simonian, Simon Yeldham – Flodatix

    Accurate Coriolis mass flow and density measurement of bubbly liquids
    Daniel Gysling – Corvera LLC

    Effects of compositional variations on gas condensate fluid properties and associated flow metering challenges
    Dr. Sakethraman Mahalingam – Aramco Overseas; Dr. Gabriele Chinello, Dr. Edris Joonaki – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory


Day 2: Wednesday 26 October – Digital & Emissions

  • Session 3 - Industry 4.0

    Self-adjusting, real-time virtual flow metering
    Johan Henriksson, Torgeir Vanvik – Turbulent Flux

    Machine Learning based gross error estimation for allocation systems
    Daniel Dobos, John McCall, Tien Thanh Nguyen – Robert Gordon University; Helen Corbett, Phil Stockton, Allan Wilson – Accord Energy Solutions Ltd

    Detecting an unwanted second phase in a single-phase flow using data-driven models
    Yanfeng Liang – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

    Digitalizing Monitoring of Water Cut Measurement Via Regression Method
    Gan Denson, Deverapalli Vijay Kumar – Petronas Carigal SDN BHD

    Real-time measurement insight for true performance-based maintenance
    Dean Wade – Kelton Engineering Ltd

  • Session 4 - Emissions Measurement & Management

    Metering and emission analysis of flare and vent metering systems using computational fluid dynamics
    Dr. Sandy Black – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

    Offshore flares: measurement and calculation of combustion efficiency, methane and CO2e emissions
    Bob Peebles, Phil Stockton – Accord Energy Solutions Ltd

    The uncertainty of a unique predictive emissions monitoring system PEMS based on hybrid development
    Jans Sandvig, Mogens Weel – Weel & Sandvig; Dr. Bruno Pinguet – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

  • Networking Dinner


Day 3: Thursday 27 October – Energy Transition

  • Session 5 - Developments in Hydrogen Measurement

    Measuring hydrogen and hydrogen enriched natural gas flows with ultrasonic flow meters
    Daniel Heinig, Dr. Erick Starke, Dr. Falk Ullman, Andrew Wrath – SICK Engineering

    Certification and rebuilding of a hydrogen field test standard
    Pekka Tapio Neuvonen, Sigrid Rønneberg, Edvardas Venslovas – Norwegian Metrology Service

    Comparison CFD & flow calibration of a DP cone meter in hydrogen
    Gavin Munro – GM Flow; Dale Anderson, Marc Laing – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

    Comparing an ultrasonic gas meter with a turbine meter measuring pure hydrogen
    Dick Laan – Krohne

    Design of NEL hydrogen field test standard for calibrating light duty vehicle hydrogen refuelling stations
    Marc MacDonald, Revata Senevirante, Leon Youngs – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

  • Session 6 - Carbon Capture & Geothermal Innovations

    Experimental study of flow measurement uncertainties in supercritical fluid with high CO2
    L.A. Andrade, F.S. Dutra – Petrobras S.A; C. Lago, F.H. Pimentel, J.B.R. Loureiro – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

    Investigation of Coriolis meter performance under liquid, dense, and multicomponent CCS transport conditions
    Sean Higgins, Johnson Jimba, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Graeme White – Heriot-Watt University; Gabriele Chinello – TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

    Ultrasonic measurements of liquid CO2 for CCS
    Gerard Bottino, Nicholas J. Mollo – Panametrics; Yessica Arellano, Sigurd W. Lovseth, , Hans Georg Jacob Stang – SINTEF

    Wet natural gas orifice meters applied on geothermal saturated steam flows
    Richard Steven – Tek DP Flow Solutions; Egill Juliusson – Landsvirkjun


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