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New JIP to address produced water online monitoring standards

We have launched a Joint Industry Project that will support regulatory authorities and industry to establish new standards and practices for online oil-in-water analysers at remote locations. This will increase confidence in their use for produced water discharge reporting.

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Upgraded water facility enhances UK national flow measurement standards

The latest phase in the upgrading of the UK flow measurement standards has been completed with the award of UKAS accreditation under ISO 17025.

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Measurement for health

This year, Measurement for health, was selected as the theme for World Metrology Day to highlight the vital role metrology plays in our health and well-being. With increasing demand on a personalised approach to healthcare, robust metrology is key to it realisation.

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Flow Focus

Each month, we share our expertise related to a specific flow measurement theme. This month, our Flow Focus is on Life Sciences.

Ask the Expert

An interview with Dr Tracy Brown, Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Webinar // Metrology for drug delivery II (EMPIR)

Over 80 % of hospitalised patients receive intravenous (IV) therapy using infusion devices to deliver medication, fluids and nutrients into patients. Regular calibration and maintenance of infusion pumps enables the identification of any issues with equipment and ensures correct dosage to patients, minimising potential safety risks.

Guidance Note // Calibration of medical infusion pumps

This guidance note highlights the importance of the regular calibration of medical infusion pumps to reduce safety risks by identifying any performance issues and ensuring the correct dose to patients.

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OGUK Publish Annual Review for 2020

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