Upgraded Water Flow Measurement Facility Enhances UK Flow Measurement Standards

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Press and Media

                                                                                                                      9 June 2021
Upgraded water flow measurement facility enhances UK flow measurement standards

The latest phase in the upgrading of TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory’s national standard flow measurement facilities has recently been completed with the upgrade of the water flow testing facility.

The facility has two separate flow lines, covering a wide range of flow rates from 0.1 l/s to 350 l/s. The test sections can be constructed to offer long straight lengths upstream or, if necessary, specific configurations designed to replicate actual installations.  In addition, the facility uses flow conditioner plates (type CPA 65E provided by Canada Pipeline Accessories), ensuring that customers can have confidence that  the flow is fully conditioned, eliminating the risk of  swirl or flow profile asymmetry in the test section. 

“The water flow measurement facility has now been enhanced with more advanced automation and control systems.  These new digital capabilities will allow for process and data automation which, combined with remote witnessing capability, provides 24/7 operation and quicker turnaround in certain calibration scenarios,” commented Dr Piotr Traczykowski, Technical Lead, Water Flow Facility.

“We are also delighted to have received UKAS* accreditation under ISO 17025,” he added.  “This is an important milestone as it means that our clients can have full confidence that our test rig has been audited by the national body for the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories.”

Despite being a water flow facility, this National Standard actually supports many sectors from oil and gas through to the clean fuels sector, due to the prevalence of using water as a ‘substitute fluid’ for flow meter calibration on grounds of cost.  The facility allows manufacturers and operators to assess a wide variety of instruments and flow meters such as electromagnetic, ultrasonic and Coriolis mass meters.

The reference system is based on five Coriolis mass meter providing good accuracy and uncertainty values. With flow meter technologies constantly improving, it is essential that the uncertainty of the Primary Physical National Flow Standard is sufficiently low to validate the performance of the next generation of new flow meters.

The re-build is part of a wider programme to refurbish existing flow measurement standards at the laboratory to address the future needs of flow measurement in the UK.

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*Calibration Laboratory No.0009

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