Metrology for Drug Delivery II (EMPIR)



Over 80 % of hospitalised patients receive intravenous (IV) therapy using infusion devices to deliver medication, fluids and nutrients into patients. There have been numerous injuries, deaths and adverse health effects associated with the use of infusion pumps which have highlighted significant safety issues. Hence, it is extremely important that the delivery of medication and other fluids is precisely controlled over time, and the delivered dose is accurately known, especially for critical drugs at high concentration. Regular calibration and maintenance of infusion pumps enables the identification of any issues with equipment and ensures correct dosage to patients, minimising potential safety risks.

This webinar, presented by Dr Emmelyn Graham, will provide an introduction to metrology for drug delivery.

this webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:

  • Increase attendee’s knowledge and understanding of the issues and impact of poor metrology standards
  • Provide a general introduction into testing and calibration methods for drug delivery devices
  • Highlight current research and developments from an EU-funded research project, Metrology for Drug Delivery (MeDDII).

Dr Emmelyn Graham

Dr Emmelyn Graham is a Flow Measurement Consultant with over 14 years’ experience working for TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, covering diverse projects from multiphase flow in the oil and gas sector to microfluidics for life science and healthcare applications. She is the technical lead at the National Engineering Laboratory for the Metrology for Drug Delivery project and has been developing new measurement capability for ultralow flowrates.

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