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Jim Holt Returns to TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory

In January, we welcomed back Jim Holt as Head of Sales and Business Development. Jim brings with him over 20 years’ experience in flow measurement including a period at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory as Head of Oil, Gas and Renewables.

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Sustainability and The Challenges of Net Zero

In the first of a three-part series, Dr Martin Hanton discusses the major sustainability and net zero challenges that organisations need to start addressing towards decarbonisation and sustainability. The UK’s Climate Change Committee acknowledges that this is a difficult issue with no single solution or technology that will achieve net zero across all sectors. With lots of different sectors to decarbonise, we know that we need to use all the tools in the box to reach net zero.

TÜV SÜD has rapidly adapted the services offered to support business and industry on their journey to net zero, by assessing the quality, safety and efficiency of energy infrastructure and systems across all technologies, including batteries, hydrogen, wind and nuclear. Whatever your organisation’s advisory testing and certification needs, we can help you on your net zero journey.

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Webinar On Demand // Impact of Uncertainty on Flow Measurement

No measurement is ever completely exact; there is always a degree of doubt about its accuracy. This degree of doubt is quantified by the uncertainty. The effects of measurement uncertainty manifest themselves across all industrial sectors, resulting in significant financial exposure. In the field of flow measurement, measurement uncertainty is particularly important when the fluid being metered is of high value where small errors in flow measurement could potentially cost the operator large amounts of money.

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Flow Focus

Each month, we share our expertise related to a specific flow measurement theme. This month, our Flow Focus is on Digital Services.

Ask the Expert // Dr Behzad Nobakht

An interview with Data Scientist, Dr Behzad Nobakht

Webinar on Demand // Steps towards Condition-Based Calibration through Diagnostics and Modelling

The webinar gives a general overview of condition-based calibration and the potential advantages of implementing such a system within large scale engineering process facilities.

Webinar on Demand // Time-Series Modelling in Manufacturing and Process Industry

This webinar, presented by data scientist Dr Behzad Nobakht, presents a high-level overview of simple but key concepts in time-series modelling of industrial processes with the aim of maximising model performance and generalisability.

Case Study // USM Fault Detection Through Data-Driven Modelling of Diagnostic Variables

Using Our Flow Laboratories, we have conducted experimentation on multiple USMs, and through data driven modelling techniques, our Digital Services team were able to identify hidden correlations between the various digital process values and were able to build a tool which can identify specific fault conditions and alert end-users via simple graphical interfaces.

Case Study // Condition-Based Calibration of Flow Meters Through Data-Driven Modelling

By Implementing a Condition-Based Calibration (CBC) schedule, end-users, in theory, have the ability to reduce costs through a more dynamic operating pattern. However, in reality the performance of a given meter will vary between manufacturers, as will the availability and relevance of the digital ‘diagnostic’ data. A data-driven model was developed, capable of alerting an end-user to the fact that not only was there a measurement error but identify the cause of said error.

Forthcoming Training & Events 

Anomaly Detection in Multisensory Systems // 23 March // Webinar

The Use of Sonic Nozzles with Hydrogen

Measurement Focus Group // 27 April // Aberdeen

Fundamentals of Flow Measurement // 18 May // East Kilbride

Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty // 21 September // East Kilbride

Global Flow Measurement Workshop // 25-27 October // Aberdeen

For more information about our range of training courses visit: www.tuvsud.com/en-gb/academy

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