Steps towards condition-based calibration through diagnostics and modelling



Digital Services group lead, Gordon Lindsay, and Mathematician, Yanfeng Liang, will be discussing TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory’s ongoing UK government- funded research in the field of condition-based calibration.

The webinar will give a general overview of condition-based calibration and the potential advantages of implementing such a system within large scale engineering process facilities. Those with a background and interest in machine learning, condition-based calibration and digital fieldbus applications within the field of flow measurement would find this webinar of interest.

Our Webinar will tackle these points, focussing on:

  • The practicalities of designing and implementing a digital network infrastructure required to support such a system.
  • The realities of integrating analogue and digital signals within a calibration laboratory environment.
  • Statistical modelling techniques used by the team to automatically detect anomalies in the process system’s digital data streams as well as predict component failure.

About the Speakers

Dr Gordon Lindsay is the Technical Lead in the Digital Services area within the R&D Department. He has a BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Glasgow, is a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and has just recently completed his Engineering Doctorate Research Degree with Coventry University, focusing on developing intelligent temperature correction for fluid density calculation in Coriolis technology.

His main areas of expertise include control system design, build and commissioning; electronic hardware design; digital network design and implementation; engineering research; and software development and support.  He is currently the Technical Lead for a BEIS-funded research project looking at the effective use of flow meter diagnostics. The project is looking at developing digital solutions that will deliver data at a resolution that enables useful diagnostic interpretation and more effective decision making.

Dr Yanfeng Liang is a mathematician with the Digital Services Team. Dr Liang obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics at the University of Strathclyde in 2012.  She then completed a PhD, also at the University of Strathclyde., followed by a British Council-funded Postdoctoral project.  Her PhD and Postdoctoral projects were firmly based on the application of mathematics to real-world products and challenges. With the sheer volumes of data available in industry today, modelling can be used to find correlations between data that otherwise would be missed. Dr Liang’s expertise in data science and mathematical modelling brings a new dimension to the Digital Services Team. She will be helping to develop new data analytic techniques to help industry better understand the digital data output from sensors installed in the field, building end-user confidence in condition-based calibration methods.  

Next Steps

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