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Drone Inspections

TÜV SÜD Benelux brings the inspection level to a higher level by offering multi-purpose drone inspections. The professional drone device features 2 cameras for standard and thermal imaging. The device is IP43 certified, allowing inspections in dusty environments and with light rainfall. Photos are taken at the desired distance to the inspection object, thanks to the zoom function, we may offer detailed photos.

Inspections with professional drone devices are carried out according to the KB of 10 April 2016 regarding the use of remotely controlled aircraft in Belgian airspace. Our inspector has a certificate of competence for the driver of an RPA-R, issued by DGLV (Directorate-General for Aviation).

Possible applications:

  • Solar Panels - Inventory, detection of heat tires, visualization of damage
  • Flare-inspection - Save time by performing flare inspections with the drone
  • Amusement parks - Inspect roller coasters and high constructions quickly and accurately
  • Wind turbines - Inventory, visualization of damage
  • Bridges, dams, locks, shutters - Visual inspections and imaging of infrastructural damag
  • High voltage and communication masts - Visualization of masts and its accessories at a safe distance

Your benefits:

  • New possibilities - Drone inspections allow you to reach places that were previously difficult to reach. Fully view large installations or make detailed recordings of specific objects or its components.
  • Time saving - Checking large installations is not easy. It takes time before you have build a scaffolding or have hired a platform to perform a certain visual inspection. Save time and let our drone do the work.
  • Less expensive - An ordinary visual inspection of a large installation or building requires the hire of a platform or a mobile lift. Often stands are required to get to a particular place and on top of that you need to pay for several working hours. Save on these costs by choosing our drone inspections.
  • Different working conditions - With a drone, you may inspect large installations both internal and external and the inspections can be executed in multiple circumstances. In case of slight rainfall and dusty environments, the drone continues to provide safe work.
  • Safety - The drone inspections are conducted according to the Operational Manual approved by DGLV (Directorate-General for Aviation). Additional internal procedures and checklists are also followed.

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