Sports, Fitness and Leisure Equipment Testing and Certification

Sports Venues & Facilities

Create a safe environment for play

Professional sports and leisure facilities are readily available for public and private use. Just like any other buildings, sports venues should be constructed in line with safety requirements and subjected to periodical inspection.

TÜV SÜD experts provide designers and architects of sports and leisure facilities with design consultancy at the conceptual and design to ensure that the construction plans will meet all safety and environmental sustainability requirements. TÜV SÜD also supports in the selection of equipment to ensure that all equipment sourced comply with national and international product safety requirements. Additionally, TÜV SÜD’s service portfolio in the area of infrastructure and real estate provides a holistic service portfolio for customers.

To avoid accidents caused by improper maintenance of venues or facilities, it is crucial for owners and operators of sports and leisure facilities to adopt a periodical inspection program to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.

Services at a glance


  •  Design consultancy at the planning stage of your sports, play and leisure facilities
  • Selection of equipment

Testing and inspection

  • Testing of play and sports equipment for compliance with standards
  • Final testing and inspection of sports, play and leisure facilities before they are put into use
  • Annual periodic inspection by TÜV SÜD's team of experts
  • Documentation of inspections, maintenance and repairs in compliance with legal requirements


  •  Initial training and regular refresher courses for facility operator

Services for temporary structures

TÜV SÜD also has a specialized service offer for temporary structures such as open-air stages, grandstands, marquees, tents, temporary exhibition halls, high-wire trapezes and show displays. Our services cover all aspects from planning to operation. Our experts carry out comprehensive document review and testing during the design phase. They also provide feasibility studies and consulting services in the test phase to ensure design optimisation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • One-stop testing, inspection, certification and consulting solutions for the safe operation of your sports and leisure facilities
  • Early identification of potential issues from the onset and through periodical inspections to avoid costly repair or irreparable damages

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