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Allan Jarvis

Lift Consultant

Lift Consultant

Allan Jarvis

Lift Consultant

What is your current role?

Lift Consultant within the Glasgow office of TÜD SÜD Dunbar Boardman

What is your academic/industrial background?

Studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering then Corporate management at Postgraduate Level. 30 years experience within Lift Industry

What was the route of your interest in engineering? Why did you choose to become an engineer?

Began with an apprenticeship following School, I always enjoyed electronics, mechanics and computers and this seemed like a natural route.

What are your main areas of expertise?

Lift modernisation/replacement project management and technical codes and standards

What specific tasks and responsibilities does your job entail?

Developing specifications, equipment surveys, working with clients to assist them in developing their ideas or providing advice to help resolve problems.

What are your current key projects and who are your key clients?

  • New construction projects with fire fighting and evacuation lifts
  • Modernisation of lifts in historical buildings
  • NHS, Places for People, Scottish Courts Service and Wheatley Group.

What most excites/interests you about your role?

Working on projects from concept to completion but where every day brings something different and challenging

What exciting developments have you seen in the company since you started?

I’ve seen lots since I started in the industry. From relay controls to microprocessors, machine room less lifts, regenerative drive systems and destination control systems.

What future trends do you see developing in your area of work?

A rapid increase in connected technologies such as IOT (Internet of Things). There lots of scope for data collection and monitoring which will help us and our clients to understand how to develop predictive maintenance strategies and understand real world usage data for different lift systems.

What is your biggest challenge?

Doing everything I used to do face to face using online meetings. It’s great for sharing documents and files but It’s just not as enjoyable.

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