Sustainable water resources management

Water Conservation

Solutions to manage your water requirements efficiently

Solutions to manage your water requirements efficiently


The global demand for water is projected to exceed supply by 40 percent in 2030. Water conservation thus assumes prime importance in the sphere of environmental sustainability. Sustainable water resources management and access to safe water and sanitation are essential for unlocking economic growth and productivity. Protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems and their biodiversity can ensure water purification and water quality standards. Organisations across sectors can contribute towards water conservation by treating industrial waste water for recycle/reuse, adopting desalination, conducting regular water audits and implementing various water stewardship initiatives.


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Assisted in 1M+ m3/ day projects in the area of desalination, municipality water and water treatment plants.


award icon TÜV SÜD NEL is holder of UK’s National Standards for flow and density measurement, with 80 experts on board.






  • Advisory

    We offer fully integrated water conservation solutions to optimise performance and achieve maximum efficiency for your Desalination and Water Treatment investments, thus ensuring bankability, reliability, safety, and quality, meet regulatory compliance, and enhance brand reputation.

    • Desalination and Water Treatment Plants
    • Technical Due diligence (TDD)
    • Techno economic viability study (TEV)
    • Risk assessment
    • Contract management
    • Project management consultancy
    • Plant audit & optimisation
    • Membrane advisory
    • Water efficiency advisory
    • Advisory on asset efficiency and life extension
    • Flow measurement advisory services
    • Design & commissioning
    • Metering advice & management
    • Modelling / CFD analysis
    • Physical property data services


  • Auditing and System Certification

    Our comprehensive audits & certification will help assure your stakeholders' adherence to your commitment to water conservation initiatives and regulatory compliance.


  • Inspection

    We act as an independent and impartial agency to ensure that your complete value chain stakeholders adhere to your design, local and international norms to ensure quality & safety and ensure project timeline.

    • Procurement Inspection
    • Project QA/QC
    • Final acceptance test
    • Performance guarantee test
    • O&M support and troubleshooting


  • Testing and Product Certification

    We help you meet regulatory compliances as well your stakeholders' requirement through our multidisciplinary testing service and world class laboratory facilities.

    • Membrane autopsy
    • Water efficiency for appliances
    • Drinking water testing
    • Portable water pipe and tap/mixer testing
    • Wastewater testing (chemical and microbiology)
    • Flow meter testing and calibration
    • REACH testing and certification
    • ZDHC compliance testing


  • Training

    With our experts we help you enhance your competency and skills for effective implementation of various environment conservation initiatives and measures.

    • ZDHC operator training
    • ISO 14046 Environmental Management - Water footprint training
    • ISO 46001 Water efficiency management training



We support organisations across sectors including Oil & Gas, Power Industry, Textiles, Food & Beverages, Cement & Heavy Engineering, Energy industries, Manufacturing industries, Chemical & Fertilizer, Pulp and Paper, Municipalities and urban local bodies, Commercial buildings, Metal and foundries.


Infrastructure Imperatives, Carbon Management, Circular Economy, Environment Conservation, Green Energy and Energy Efficiency.