Geothermal power plant compliance

Geothermal power plant compliance and operational safety



Ensure the compliance and operational safety of your geothermal power plant

With the growth of geothermal energy ramping up in recent years, project owners and operators are under pressure to ensure that their projects are up and running on time and on budget. Understanding and adhering to the requirements and regulations relevant to geothermal projects is necessary to prevent costly rework and delays. This becomes more challenging when projects are managed internationally as different countries may have different regulations.

TÜV SÜD has developed a guideline to ensure that your safety and compliance topics are covered so that you can obtain your geothermal project certification before commissioning in a timely, cost-effective way.

In this webinar, our experts guide you through the key issues relevant for geothermal projects, as well as the process that you can follow to ensure your projects compliance and obtain the necessary certification before commissioning.

Key topics covered:

  • Key issues in a geothermal power plant project

  • Process of geothermal power plant certification

  • Safety and periodical inspections required

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