ISO 37001

ISO 37001 certification

Anti-bribery management systems

Anti-bribery management systems


ISO 37001 is the international standard for anti-bribery management systems. It provides a framework for businesses operating anywhere in the world to assess their internal anti-corruption processes and address any weaknesses. Any organisation benefits from ISO 37001 assessments, although it may be particularly beneficial for those working in fields where bribery is a known risk-factor.

It covers a wide range of scenarios where bribery may occur:

  • Directly by the organisation
  • By employees acting on the organisation’s behalf
  • Bribery conducted through intermediaries
  • Bribery of the organisation by third parties
  • Bribery of the organisation’s employees by third parties

ISO 37001 specifies a series of measures that assist your organisation in preventing, detecting and addressing bribery. Its focus on prevention helps businesses mitigate the risk of bribery throughout their own operations and across value chains. The standard promotes a culture of transparency and integrity, and the expansion of effective measures to prevent and tackle problems related to bribery.

Becoming ISO 37001 certified is not mandatory, but as a growing number of organisations undergo audits, it is becoming an industry benchmark for a company’s approach to bribery.


Today more than ever, news of corruption scandals spreads fast and can prove devastating for companies – even the hint of bribery can seriously damage your reputation. ISO 37001 acts as an effective tool to help organisations combat the risk of bribery and maintain customer trust in their product and service offerings. Your stakeholders can be assured that your organisation has implemented internationally recognised best practices for anti-bribery controls, and they can have confidence in the integrity of your internal processes.

Becoming ISO 37001 certified brings multiple benefits:

  • Enhances competitiveness and credibility
    Implement an effective anti-bribery management system which supports a business culture based on transparency and integrity.
  • Reduce intervention costs
    Develop internal processes that regularly monitor key challenges, to control risks and costs related to bribery.
  • Improve service and product value
    Prevent the negative impacts of bribery and the consequences of associated cost increases.
  • Enhance brand reputation
    With an internationally recognised certificate from TÜV SÜD that openly demonstrates your commitment towards the prevention of corruption
  • Evidence of due diligence
    For legal purposes, the standard demonstrates that you have taken due diligence preventative measures in case evidence of bribery does emerge, which may help reduce fines


As an internationally accredited Certification Body, TÜV SÜD provides the expertise and experience to assess your organisation’s anti-corruption programme against ISO 37001 requirements. TÜV SÜD’s auditors hold the necessary national and international accreditations for management system auditing exercises, thereby ensuring that your ISO 37001 certification process is conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and conformance to international guidelines and standards.

What’s more, our auditors are required to follow a strict code of conduct through Auditor Codex, which assures both you and your customers of our complete independence and impartiality.
Once your assessment and certification are complete, you can display the TÜV SÜD certification mark on your website, brochures and communications material as evidence that you have been audited by a trusted third party. The TÜV SÜD certification mark is widely recognised and respected as a symbol of quality, safety and sustainability, as our certificates represent third-party endorsement by a globally renowned organisation.


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