Automotive - Functional Safety Expert Examination (ISO 26262)

Instructor-led Training4 hoursExamination
  • We qualify you or your employees to work with functional safety according to ISO 26262.
  • You gain a competitive advantage through your certificate as a Functional Safety Professional.
  • A worldwide high demand for knowledge in the field of functional safety ensures you very good career opportunities with the help of the certificate.

Managers, safety managers, software developers, hardware developers, project managers, quality officers, test engineers as well as all users of ISO 26262 who are primarily involved in the development of programmable electronic safety systems and want to carry out this development on the basis of the internationally recognized standard ISO 26262 2nd Edition.

The more complex the technology, the more functional safety experts are needed. Our Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP) offers you as an employee the best opportunity to prove your functional safety competence according to .ISO 26262. As a company, you have the assurance that you can deploy your employees who have passed the exam to the appropriate positions in the security lifecycle.

If you would like to attain "Automotive - Functional Safety Expert" certificate Level 3, please get in touch with us prior to enrolling to the examination. We will gladly email you the appropriate registration form that you will need to fill out and send it back to us for eligibility. Be mindful that in order to participate in the Functional Safety Professional exam, proof of certain requirements is required (see below for details).

Please contact our team of Academic Advisors today at [email protected] or (978) 573-1997.

FSCP testing according to ISO 26262:2018 - Level 3

Level 3: Functional Safety Expert according to ISO 26262

  • Evaluation of the basic knowledge of ISO 26262 and the practical application of the standard by the candidates.

This is an online proctored examination. Participants will need their webcam on.

Exam: Multiple-choice exam and open-ended questions with a duration of 4 hours

Must be passed: At least 75% in the MC part and 50% in the 10 open questions

"Automotive - Functional Safety Expert" certificate from the TÜV SÜD Academy

Eligibility requirements:

  • Evidence of participation in two Functional Safety projects
  • 10 years of industry experience in Functional Safety Technology
  • The following educational degrees with a focus on electrical engineering can be credited to:
    • Bachelor's degree 2 years
    • Master's degree 3 years
    • Ph.D. degree 4 years
  • Submission of two case studies as evidence that the candidate has in-depth knowledge in the field of functional safety and can apply the practices of functional safety in an organization.
  • Competence in communication on functional safety.
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$ 1,900.00

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